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Digital labels

Digital labels are a type of pressure-sensitive label made using cutting-edge digital printing technology. At Perfect Labels and Technology, we print custom digital labels that reinforce your brand and help your product stand out on store shelves.

In the past few years, new digital labels have emerged, offering brands improved label quality at reduced costs.


Benefits of Digital Labels

Digital labels offer a wide range of benefits above and beyond those of other labels, including:

High resolution, even for tiny details and small print

Crisp type and superb clarity

Photographic-quality imagery comparable to top magazines

Rapid turnarounds on print orders

Reduced cost per unit for short-to-medium-size runs

Due to the accuracy and precision of the latest digital printing technologies, each digital label in a print run is absolutely consistent — from first to last.

Applications for Digital Labels

Digital labels are the best choice for many products, as they provide the absolute best printing quality. And we can deliver them with label-to-label variations.

Digital labels are a great option for:

Market tests with small quantities of a new product

Event marketing products

Regional and seasonal goods made for targeted promotions

Proofs, especially on rapid turnarounds

Runs requiring many label versions

Digital labels from Resource Label Group are an inexpensive, high quality option for any company that needs a small to medium run.